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Drop Off Letter
Drop-OFF and Pick-Up Rules
And related information for Price-Harris, Kindergarten – 5th grade    September 24, 2013
Dear Parents and friends who drop-off and pick-up students from Price-Harris Elementary,
Thanks for creating such a wonderful school J.  It is an earnest joy for me to be here with you.  We are certainly off to a positive start again this year.  Many thanks go out to all of you who drop-off and pick-up just as we have asked.  I am glad to say that a vast majority of you do this as needed and you make a positive difference for our school.
This note is being shared with everyone at Price-Harris in the interest of safety and efficiency during arrival (drop-off) and dismissal (pick-up).  It was decided at the Site Council Meeting on September 10, 2013 that we should provide and have all abide by this document.   The document below also spells out the ways that we can and cannot have people drop-off and pick-up their students. 
Please remember that one small problem typically compounds immediately into an unsafe environment. When just one car does not follow the guidelines for drop off or pickup, the safety of our students who are coming and going from school is jeopardized.  Unfortunately, because a few drivers have not been following the guidelines, the police have been notified and have been writing tickets for cars that are double-parked or demonstrating other traffic infringements.  Many of these infringements are listed just below.
To assist parents in the drop off/ pickup routine, the parking lot closest to the front entrance is entirely and exclusively for parents J.  Also, the reverse side of this paper is highlighted in:              
Gold for Good    (Yes, feel free to park here J)    &    Neon pink for No   (We need you to not park here, for any reason)
Also, in the interest of safety, we must ask you to be sure to do the following:
  • When on  Armour, pull completely into drop-off / pick-up lane. If there is no room to unload students please drive around the block.
  • No double parking.
  • No dropping-off nor picking-up students on west side of Armour.
  • No U turns.
  • Do not use our neighbors’ driveways on Armour for any reason; nor park in our neighbors’ driveways on Armour for any reason.
  • Do not stop in front of the main door of school at any time. Please pull up and pull into a parking spot,
or drive to the end of the parking lot and drop-off near the ramp at Armour.
  • Do not use the bus lanes at any time for any reason.
  • Do not park along any part of the sidewalk in the staff parking lot (this is also known as the large parking lot).
  • Do not park within 8 feet of a driveway.  Do not park within 10 feet of a street.
  • No parking on Armour between Cresthill and the neighbors drive on the south side of Cresthill Street.
  • No Parking within 100 feet of a stop sign.  No parking where curb is painted yellow
On behalf of the staff and the Site-Council, thanks for your continued support in-and-out of the classroom.  We know you are sending us your most precious gifts, your children, to Price-Harris.  We are truly fortunate to be here with you and them.
Striving to joyfully serve you and the students… and to keep all concerned safe J.
Dave Saunders,  Principal
Map of Drop Off/Pick Up Areas
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